The Insane: Bloomberg Targets Too-Loud Earbuds

Out front with all the Fascists crude he can stuff down you. If I lived in New York, I would move.

Hear is the latest … because you are too stupid.

The latest health initiative being pushed by the Bloomberg administration is  a social media campaign aimed at young people who listen to music too loudly  using earbuds.

With the proliferation of personal music players, New Yorkers are often seen  on the streets and subways wearing the hearing devices.

The risk of hearing loss is a real problem.

An iPod can reach 115 decibels when only 85 decibels is safe, reported the NY  Post.

The paper also cites a statistic from the Third National Health and Nutrition  Examination Survey that found hearing loss skyrocketed 30 percent about teens  between 1988-2006.

Bloomberg has cracked down on smoking, junk food, trans fats, salt and  super-sized drinks often with heavy criticism.

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Did you know you can turn the iPod volume up? And down. If one ear can be saved we should regulate iPod volume.


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