TV Host Speaks Out Against Colorado’s Gun Proposals

DENVER- A TV host is speaking out against Colorado’s gun proposals. If passed, he plans on moving all productions out of Colorado.

Michael Bane is an Executive Producer and host for the Outdoor Channel which currently has four series in production, including the popular show Gun Stories.

In an email to Republican Senator Steve King, Bane says if the Democrat-sponsored bills pass, Colorado will become known as unfriendly to sportsmen and will force other producers across the country to consider other states.

The host says he’s already cancelled a scheduled filming session for late this month.

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2 Responses to TV Host Speaks Out Against Colorado’s Gun Proposals

  1. upaces88 says:

    Good for him!!!

  2. upaces88 says:

    I just left another site that Home Depot was coming out loud they will support homosexuals.
    Thee was need in that. Just hire them. when they make a big deal out of ANY social matter, it draws automatic attention Pro vs. Con.
    People feel like they have to choose sides.

    Now they’ve lost business.
    Do you remember when the Muslims were going to have a new TV show “The All American Muslim”?
    The advertisers were listed.
    I am very sure everyone did this so believe me! It wasn’t just me LOL.
    I went to Lowe’s and filled out a complaint card immediately.
    When I went back a few weeks later AFTER they pulled their advertisement to buy a Real Green Christmas tree vs. the fake ones.

    They only had “2” left! I bought a 6′ tall REAL Christmas tree for $2.00!!!!

    The old saying goes: “Money Talks and BS Walks” IS TRUE!!!
    The new show never aired!

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