What’s in the climate change bill? — CARBON TAXES ARE COMING!!!

It’s not like man caused greenhouse is a proved hoax …

What the COMMUNIST have wanted all along…

— It would impose a fee, starting at $20 per ton of carbon emissions (or the methane equivalent), at nearly 3,000 production facilities, such as coal mines, oil refineries and natural gas processing plants. This way, the fee would be imposed on the fossil-fuel producers themselves, responsible for an estimated 85 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Congressional Research Service.

The carbon fee would raise $1.2 trillion in revenue over 10 years, according to Boxer and Sanders’ estimate. They say the legislation alone would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2025–and further reductions would be achieved with other energy-saving and anti-pollution initiatives.

— Three-fifths of the $1.2 trillion in revenues from the carbon fees would be devoted to a system for returning money to consumers, to offset the inevitable price increases when energy companies try to pass along the costs of the fees.

Read more at socialistworker.org

Hah, and you thought COMMUNISM was bad. It’s what the Obummer ¬†communal becomes!!!!

Capitalism has created more wealth that anything else in human history. Why would we give up on it now?

And think what they can do when you no longer have any defense. Nirvana awaits.


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