Federal Reasearch Grants on How To Ban Guns, Resumes Under Obama

The DOJ says you have to confiscate them all.

It’s sort of asking the question with the answers you want before you ask the questions. Try and disprove it’s a a stacked deck. Federally financed global warming research is a prime example of how government wastes literally tens of billions of your dollars to try and disprove science, with cocked up data and jury rigged studies.

The AP reports:

Some of the numbers being hurled around in the gun control debate passed their freshness date eons ago. Perhaps none is more prominent than the claim that 40 percent of gun sales take place without background checks.

The statistic is ubiquitous these days and cited as gospel by a variety of public figures and gun-control advocates, President Barack Obama among them, but it is 20 years old and was not much more than an educated guess at the time.

Remove educated, from educated guess, you have a good picture of Obama and guns.

It’s no wonder policymakers are grasping at tatters of moldy data as they consider expanding background checks and banning certain weapons and ammunition. A 1996 law pushed by the gun-rights lobby closed the spigot on federal gun research, leaving scholars, private groups and states to pick up some pieces. Only now, under a recent order by Obama, can federally financed research resume.

People that go to gun shows know how big a lie this all is…

A stacked deck with largely liars as the guards …

Registration is the way to find out who has the guns, when the time comes. Progressives are a devious lot. Not the least bit interested in freedom and liberty, but more like what a dictator needs to do, like Obama. Because the people know they are not going to like what dictator Obama does to them.

So how does gun registration prevent another mass murder-suicide like Sandy Hook? Tell me how? How do you talk a suicide bomber out of pushing the button? Our troops are faced with that question near every day.


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