New Storm in Egypt Over Citizen Arrests

Remember Egypt?

Well the riots in Egypt are continuing … I assume the people have figured out by now the new dictator is worse than the last dictator.

What you didn’t know how the Arab Spring is still on-going?

Well they know:

An official statement encouraging Egyptian civilians to arrest lawbreakers and hand them over to police has set off a new political storm in a country already mired in crisis.

A senior leader of a hard-line Islamist faction loyal to President Mohammed Morsi said his group was preparing lists of volunteers ready to take over police duties if needed.

The main opposition coalition saw the statement on citizen arrests by the attorney general’s office as a prelude to the substitution of the police by militias belonging to Morsi’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood group and allied Islamist groups who swept to power after Egypt’s uprising two years ago.

“It is now clear why the regime insists on pitting the police against the people and relying on security measures to tackle problems that need social, economic and political solutions,” the opposition National Salvation Front said in a statement on Monday.

Egypt has been embroiled in wave after wave of political protests since the 2011 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic regime.

The unrest has been fueled by the entire range of social ills from tenuous security to an unraveling economy and the leadership of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood controls parliament as well as the presidency and has won every election since Mubarak’s ouster.


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