Warmist Epic ‘Greedy Lying Bastards’ Bombs At The Box Office

Earns just $45,000.00 nationwide on opening weekend – film cost $1.5 million to make.

The films design was to target climate deniers, you know those who use real science in their analsis. There are still people who do know what science is, image that. Yes we are the bad guys for this film … or as “The Greedy Lying Bastards”. Didn’t work did it. Apparently there are more of those than I thought?

GLB earned forty five thousand dollars nationwide, wow. Maybe it had to do with the situation described in this review by Alana Goodman from a showing in Washington D.C. area:

Only a handful of people showed up to a screening of Greedy Lying BastardsCraig Rosebraugh’s documentary that aims to expose the global warming denialist-industrial complex—at an Alexandria, Va., theater on Saturday. And none of them seemed to notice one of the documentary’s star villains seated in the audience.

Yep, the numbers are in, and it’s a bomb. It never even had Box Office Mojo to start with — from Box Office Mojo, which tracks weekend box office ratings.

The green types that attended probably don’t eat that evil butter flavored popcorn or drink Coke because it reminds them of the Koch Brothers, I’m guessing that a number of those 50 theaters won’t be showing the movie next weekend.


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