Deposit Shrinkage: Is Spain Next?

Afetr Cyprus took a 40% haicut on deposits over $129,000.

And Spain is now reviewing there options…

Spain Brings the Pain to Bank Investors

The Spanish government will impose heavy losses on investors at nationalized banks and hire external advisers to help it manage these banks’ assets, its latest efforts to overhaul a financial sector battered by the collapse of a decadelong housing boom.

Forcing shareholders and bondholders to share the cost of restructuring the country’s five nationalized banks was a politically costly step for the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, but one that was required under the terms of a European Union bailout of Spain’s ailing lenders. The decision to solicit advice in drafting a long-term strategy for these lenders came after the state-backed Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring failed to sell one of them, midsize Catalunya Banc SA.



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