David Gregory Spreads High-Capacity Misinformation

You know what’s coming the expanded background check lies … What’s with the gun lies. I never saw a gun run down the street shooting people. Never!

He’s a regular Assault Journalist, mowing down facts by the gross, without even stopping to reload.

@jaycaruso lays it all out for you here.

Nearly 30% of the people who acquired firearms either received them as a gift or inherited them. That blows the “40% of guns sales are conducted without a background check” right out of the water on its own.

Even if we are generous and include sales between family members and friends, we are left with a figure of eleven percent. Not forty percent.

But forty percent sounds scarier.  So forty percent it is.

What about all the sugar?

Why isn’t the laws against murder adequate. Never got an answer to that one from a libturd.


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