Run, Hide, Fight?

Some good points in this video, you are the first responder, because you are the only one who is there when evil raises it’s ugly head. And you never know when that will happen.

You’re at your desk at work one day, watching the seconds and the minutes ticking ever so slowly by, longing for the moment when you can get up and head for the parking lot and freedom, when suddenly . . . uh oh.

Public safety officials in Houston have produced a video that instructs people to take action if they find themselves faced with a mass shooter.  Filmed in an office building, the video depicts a scenario typical of a workplace shooting.  People are going about their business when suddenly a man walks in, pulls a shotgun from a backpack, and starts shooting.  The video advocates running as the preferable option if a safe escape route is available, and barricading the door and hiding if one is not.  As a last resort, the video recommends using any kind of improvised weapon available and taking the attack to the attacker, an option I couldn’t endorse more strongly.  As the valiant passengers of United Flight 93 demonstrated on Sept. 11, 2001, if you’re going to be killed anyway, better to put up a fight and make the bastards work for it.


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