Warmist World Bank President Kim — If We Don’t Finance Coal Fired Plant People Will Freeze

Kim Says World Bank Can’t Reject Coal If People Freeze

The World Bank, which has boosted investment in renewable energy, cannot refuse to finance a coal-fired plant in Kosovo if the alternative is having people there “freeze to death,” the lender’s president said.

As the Washington-based institution considers providing partial guarantees for a lignite-fired power plant in the Balkan country, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said today he’s looking for all possibilities to avoid investing in coal. If the lack of energy became “a humanitarian issue” and the bank got involved, it could at least make the project cleaner, he said.

Europe is suffering a lot of global warming this past winter.

Flashback: Remarkably stupid opinion piece from World Bank president Jim Yong Kim: “it was the sudden warmth earlier in the month that was truly alarming”

Flashback: World Bank chief thinks his #1 priority is to prevent CO2-induced bad weather?; “We have to keep up a steady drumbeat in between the extreme weather events. I think our role at the bank is to continue to inform the [public of the] impact [of climate change]”

Flashback: We’re saved!: “The World Bank has gone back to being in charge of climate change”


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