Sequester Hysteria in Washington, DC — It’s All To Show You

The sequester explained, a cut is not a cut as normal cut as you think about.

It’s baseline budgeting, a government trick. Time for a review …

Every so often you find examples of real journalism. Here are some powerful, well-done stories from local TV stations.

  1. Exposing the plethora of benefits available to those who want government-subsidized idleness.
  2. Exposing how eminent domain laws are used to screw poor people out of their property.
  3. Exposing local government officials engaged in a witch hunt against an innocent man.

Newspapers also sometimes speak truth to power.

  1. A Michigan newspaper exposing how motorists were getting ripped off by illegal speed limits.
  2. A Pennsylvania newspaper exposing how a local bureaucrat  union tried to stop a boy scout from improving a local park.
  3. A New York newspaper exposing the education establishment for giving teachers $100,000-plus salaries for doing nothing.

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