Libya Defense Chief Quits as Gunmen Extend Ministry Siege

What exactly did Obama liberate in Libya???

After a blockade of government offices in the capital of Tripoli by armed “militias” for more than a week, the defense minister resigned today in capitulation to their demands:

Libya’s defense minister resigned as gunmen extended their siege of ministries in Tripoli for a second day, demanding the government’s resignation and tougher rules to bar Muammar Qaddafi-era officials from state jobs.

Mohammed Al-Barghathi, a fighter pilot during the Qaddafi era, quit because of events during the past two days, the official Libya News Agency reported, without giving further details. On May 5, Libya’s parliament passed the so-called Isolation Law, which bars from office senior officials who served under Qaddafi for at least 10 years. The law comes into effect on June 5.

Militiamen with machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons began blockading the Foreign and Interior ministries on April 28, demanding that parliament pass the law. The siege was raised on May 5, then resumed and extended to other ministries after gunmen rejected the measure.

Libya is mired in unrest two years after the ouster of Qaddafi, with militias across the country refusing to disarm and Islamists on the rise in the oil-producing east. The ability of the gunmen to lay siege to state institutions highlights the weakness of the central government and its security forces.

In other words, the central government is being held hostage to “militias” in its own capital.  Is Libya becoming a failed state

And just who are these “militias,” anyway? Bloomberg doesn’t say, but it suffices to point out that even the Muslim Brotherhood party in the legislature supported the Isolation Law.  That means the militias in play here are more radical than the Muslim Brotherhood.  Who might those be? Muslims playing the Alinsky Bottom up, Top down, cards.

And how does this connect with what was going on in Benghazi, sounds familiar, no ? …



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