Hah — Can’t Stop The Truth

Look lets face some facts .. . the why of the Tea Party scandal is so the Obama administration could scare off the Republican and Conservative candidates. So you guys with your $5 and %$0 dollar donations are more important than ever. Keep donations under $25, and the IRS won’t have anyway to know. Like we did with Ted Cruz, it works.

Just remember the WHY. Obama always wants to get rid of all opposition. And the Republican party is too stupid to figure it all out. This was designed for the 2014 election, to dry up the funds for Conservative candidates. Which we now need more than ever.


GORDON CROVITZ: Big Government Loses Control: Tea party and other groups use social media to spread the news about IRS abuse world-wide.

The shot heard round the world part 2.

The lid on Benghazi continues to orbit the Earth.

And lies of  global warming are crash landing all over the planet. Today the lies crashing  hit the BBC… You can’t stop real data, no matter how much you fiddle with it.

Not so much with the government’s unemployment data, it just keeps spinning.

It’s going to be more important than ever to define the Conservative candidates early and support them early


2 Responses to Hah — Can’t Stop The Truth

    • upaces88 says:

      To put it in a very crude way, “Chit always floats to the surface.”

      He has kept ONE campaign promise…”Transparency.”
      He has been very TRANSPARENT…He wants and is working very hard to destroy the USA from within.

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