Citizens, Are Not Customers

Big Nanny Government thinks of citizens as customers … They work for us, we are sovereign citizens of our country. Big Government bureaucrats, they serve at our pleasure. And can be removed at any time …

In a tyrannical country, the citizens are slaves of the government the sovereign rules over them … In a free society, the government works for the people and the people are the sovereign. Subtle I know, but very important to understand. Read the Declaration of Independence, read the Constitution, and understand what the first words “We the people” means. The people are the sovereign in America the Big Government serves us.

America was the country where the people decide if the concept of self rule would work.

We are not customers, of Big Government. Why do you think the Second Amendment is so important. It gives the people the right to protect the Constitution from Big Government, ie tyranny of Big Government as we find ourself in now. But nonetheless the statement is very revealing.  It’s like they think of us as their milk cows, to just supply them with the sweat of our brows, like in Communist countries. And in return they let us live at their pleasure. Countries like what Obama came from. Which is why the left hates the Second Amendment … It’s a threat to them.

The weekly Standard writes …

“We provided horrible customer service,” outgoing acting commissioner of the IRS Steven Miller told the House Ways and Means Committee on May 17, referring to evidence that his agency had targeted Tea Party groups for special scrutiny in determining tax-exempt status. The passing remark, which so neatly captured the attitude of condescension and entitlement Miller brought to the hearing, was part of an apology. As grovels go, it wasn’t the best.

Yet Miller’s implicit comparison of the federal tax collection bureau to just another service provider—your auto mechanic, say, or the chopped-salad place down the street —was nonetheless revealing. And it creates an opportunity for conservatives and Republicans.

When the IRS doesn’t do its job, one cannot take one’s business elsewhere. Uncle Sam is the only game in town. And he can stick you in jail. On the other hand, if a CVS pharmacy fails to satisfy, if a clerk is rude, one can try another branch, or visit Walgreens or Walmart or Target or even, if it still exists, the local mom-and-pop store.

This is what economist Albert O. Hirschman called the ability to “exit” from an organization in decline. Exit from a national tax code, of course, is possible only if one is willing to go the full Depardieu and renounce one’s citizenship. The rest of us are stuck with the IRS, and must rely on Hirschman’s concept of “voice” to change the law.

What government does is administer the law. “Customer service” it does not provide. Confusion sets in when flawed analogies are made between government and something it is not. Miller’s comment, for example, raises more questions than it answers. Who exactly are the customers the IRS serves? American taxpayers? Congress? Political appointees? Or does he mean the unelected and all-too-often unaccountable civil servants who manage the bureaucracy?


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