Rogue EPA Staff Spies On U.S. Farmers, Releases Data

How many times do your parents have to warn you about the horrors of Big Government Tyranny???


Privacy: As long as we’re talking about leaks that should be prosecuted, let’s consider the leaking by the Environmental Protection Agency of the personal data about farmers to their environmentalist opponents.

We saw such leaking of data compiled on one group to its political opponents in the IRS scandal. In that case, the IRS leaked the 2008 confidential financial documents of the National Organization for Marriage to the rival Human Rights Campaign. At that time, Joe Solmonese, a left-wing activist and Huffington Post contributor, was the president of the HRC. Solmonese also was a 2012 Obama campaign co-chairman.

Now a letter from a group of 24 senators to Acting EPA Administrator Bob Perciasepe claims that the EPA has “released farm information for 80,000 livestock facilities in 30 states as the result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from national environmental organizations.”

“It is our understanding,” the senators say, “that the initial release of data contained personal information that was not required by the FOIA request for 10 states including Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio and Utah. This release included names and personal addresses.”

The data are also said to contain even the GPS coordinates for each location.

“Unlike most regulated facilities, farms and ranches are also homes and information regarding these facilities should be treated and released with that understanding,” the letter said of the data released in response to an FOIA request by Earth Justice, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Pew Charitable Trust.

From unrestricted NSA surveillance to IRS “special scrutiny” of Tea Party groups, invasions of privacy seem par for the course by an administration that wants to know everything about everybody, use that information as a weapon of intimidation…

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