Ann Coulter Blasts Immigration Bill, Rubio – Rubio is the Jack Kevorkian of the Republican Party

I wonder how making all these illegals US citizens benefiys any one except the cheap labor employers. Why want nothing more than some reason to dump their American labor for a new low wage foreign labor force.

Border security first. The employers want cheap labor. Why not just complete the things which were not completed in The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)? It has a fence in it, that was never funded by the Democrats.

Ann Coulter is none too happy with the immigration bill by the Gang of 8 and Rubio. She blasted the bill, Rubio, and Kelly Ayotte who now supports the bill. Coulter has written a piece entitled If the GOP is this stupid they deserve to die. Her point is that Chuck Schumer is playing Rubio. She calls the bill an amnesty bill. All the triggers ion the bill are phony. She slammed Rubio as the Jack Kevorkian of the Republican Party.
Hannity said he spoke to Rubio, who explained that the bill supports temporary legal status until border security is fixed. Coulter insisted that the American people (except for employers who like cheap labor) want enforcement first, and that the government should be enforcing the E-Verify system.

Hannity asked Coulter what she would realistically do with the millions and millions of illegal immigrants in the United States. She dismissed the “total frog and a fig leaf” that Americans literally “can’t sleep at night” because of this crisis. When Hannity interjected to get Coulter to answer , Coulter exasperatedly fired back. “You are like a liberal making a silly argument! It’s a straw man argument! Nobody cares! This idea that it’s an emergency, it’s a crisis, it’s preposterous!”

Hannity then asked Coulter what would be the next step after 100 percent border security. Coulter said if Congress was really serious about doing that, they would enforce E-Verify and build a fence. She predicted Congress will pass an amnesty bill, which will mean “the country is over” and people will “punish” the Republicans who let it happen. She also pushed back against the idea that Hispanics are natural Republicans, and concluded that if amnesty passes, the GOP will continue losing national elections.


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