You Have Your Goals I Have Mine

Barack Obama celebrated LGBT month yesterday and said this about gay marriage, “We’ve become not just more accepting; we’ve become more loving, as a country.”

And use little kiddies, it’s always a good way to subvert attention form immorality …

The commies are masters of the little children fan dances. Watch the Chicoms and their kiddie parades.

Communist Goals for the USA, 1963:

#26 “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promisquity as normal, natural, healthy.”

Exposes the Communist Party USA by revealing their stated goals in 1963. Documented by Congressional Record. Sounds like they’re making great strides, although it’s taken 47 years. No worry, they’re patient. Goodbye America, it was great while it lasted, but they finally got one elected to President. How’s that “hopey-changey” thing working out for you? It makes me SICK to my stomach.

CNS News reported:

Speaking at an LGBT Pride Month reception at the White House on Thursday, President Barack Obama declared that the nation has reached a “turning point” regarding homosexual marriage:

“We’ve become not just more accepting; we’ve become more loving, as a country, and as a people. Hearts and minds change with time. Laws do, too.Change like that isn’t something that starts here in Washington, but it’s something that has the power that Washington has a great deal of difficulty resisting over time.”

He later added, “I’ll continue to support marriage equality and states’ attempts to legalize it, including in my home state of Illinois. We’re not giving up on that.”

Introducing Obama at the event were Zea and Luna, the third-grade daughters of a lesbian couple:

“We asked thee president for his support of gay marriage, the children said to a rousing cheer from the homosexuals in the audience. “Because we have two moms who are just as good as other parents, and they love us a lot.” (Zea and Luna also asked the president “to help make it harder for bad guys to get guns,” and they requested more funding for schools – especially for art and physical education programs.)



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