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We did AMNESTY, si

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday put forth a theory as to why the Republican Party is seemingly willing to pass “amnesty” and create millions of “instant Democrats.”

“The Republican Party is embarrassed by its own base,” Limbaugh said. “How many times have I sat here and reminded you of this?”

The radio host went on to tell a story about his first ever trip to the Hamptons where he was visiting a “famous American Republican.”

“After dinner on the deck, a guy comes up to me — and a name you’d know, I’m not gonna tell you who — punches me with his finger in the chest [and says], ‘What are you going to do about the Christians?’ Remember now, this is my first trip there,” Limbaugh explained.

He said the man complained about “pro-lifers” hurting the GOP with their stance on abortion.

“Some of the same people have done the same thing to me on gun control,” Limbaugh added, later reiterating that the Republican Party is “ashamed” of its own base.

“I assume that some Republicans think there is a new group of people that would become their base. If they just got rid of these pro-lifers, if they just got rid of this religious crowd, if they just got rid of the Christians, if they just got rid of these gun nuts.”

Watch the clip via the Daily Rushbo:

Rubio’s AMNESTY fan dance and kabuki theater begins next week, as he tries to convince you that he meant it about border fencing first, with his brand new “shuck and jive” act. Yes Cubans know how to “shuck and jive”. Watch and see for yourself.

Reid is also set for a gun control rerun, as he now thinks Bloomberg has been able to buy off enough Democrats in the Senate to get it passed. Bloomberg has been doing his Sandy Hook road show for near six months now … and thinks it will now be able to convince enogh lame Sehators to beat Sen McConnell’s filibuster. They want your AR 15 and are going to get it anyway they can.

Bloomberg believes he can buy anything, including your civil rights.



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