Loss Of Trust

If you just set the national speed limit at 30 MPH, I bet that would save 30,00 lives. Think about what liberty you have to give up to try and save a few hudred lives … if we actually secured the border … Think.

THOMAS SOWELL: Government Surveillance And The Loss Of Trust.

Amid all the heated cross-currents of debate about the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program, there is a growing distrust of the Obama administration that makes weighing the costs and benefits of the NSA program itself hard to assess.

The belated recognition of this administration’s contempt for the truth, for the American people and for the Constitution of the United States, has been long overdue.

But what if the NSA program has in fact thwarted terrorists and saved many American lives in ways that cannot be revealed publicly?

With leaders Moral capital is essential. It is being squandered.



Not suited for the job…



Even the sheep are too smart for you and all your lies.



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