Yep It’s Permanent AMNESTY For All Illegals Forever

Didn’t we use to require all immigrants to be tested and comply with entrance criteria … Things such as health, being able to earn a wage. You know simple stuff. Bring Back Ellis Island where immigrants were quarantined before admission to the USA. The chief immigration station of the United States was on Ellis Island from 1892 to 1943, a time when millions of people, especially from Europe, came to the United States.

Wasn’t the requirement that immigrants be beneficial to the citizens of the USA, not just cut your grass, I had a lawn mowing little company at 15.

End the “walk in” immigration policy. Vote this whole 1000 page turkey bill down. All it does is lower American’s wages and increase unemployemnt as the low wage immigrants just put Americans out of work.

Loophole Slipped Into ‘Deal’ Creates Permanent Amnesty for Illegals…

Just as public anxiety about the weak border security provisions in the Senate immigration bill was building, GOP Sen. Bob Corker stepped forward with an amendment to “fix” the problem. The result of his efforts, however, has been a “Christmas tree” measure, covering items far beyond border security. Breitbart News has learned exclusively that one provision of Corker’s amendment will allow workers who stay in the country past their visa will remain on the “path to citizenship.”


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  2. I guess it’s high time to pack my bag and settle down in big Land of the Free.

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