Wi-Fi Is About To Get a Lot Faster And More Reliable

Wi-fi update on the way …

The new technology — 802.11ac — has the potential to be up to four times as fast as the current standard 802.11n technology. Smartphones, computers and routers with the new technology are already hitting store shelves, though industry experts don’t expect average consumers to start picking up the devices until the holiday shopping season or early next year.

It solves the congestion problem with the current Wi-Fi … Known by the acronym MU-MIMO, the technology allows a router to send data to multiple devices more efficiently. The fifth generation of Wi-Fi tackles those problems by increasing speed limits and moving to a new spectrum, from the congested lanes of the 2.4-gigahertz frequency band to a more open 5-gigahertz spectrum.


My 802.11ac router is up and running, Netgear R6300, all it needs is clients that make use of it. Let’s get with it guys, we’re waiting. Yes my old one died, this is just what I did for the replacement. So far it works fine, but lacks “ac” clients.


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