Woodward: Absurd To Pass Unread Immigration Bill(AMNESTY)

It’s like 1986 all over again … Promises made about border  but never intended to be kept.

(BREITBART) — Legendary Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward criticized the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill process, and the new rush to pass the repackaged bill with the amendment.

Woodward added that “when you pass complicated legislation and no one has really read the bill” then “the outcome is absurd.”

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“Buy a pig In a Poke” does anyone even know anymore? Goes nicely with our Shuck and Jive pressy. No it’s not racist.

“Shuck and jive” has been used in association with Obama before. Back in 2008, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who was supporting Hillary Clinton at the time, claimed that Obama attempted to “shuck and jive” with the media. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also used the phrase during a briefing last year, for which he was criticized by conservatives.

Here is a little tune about  ‘Jive Talkin’  … Tell me no lies.


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