Mayor Doomberg, Is All Wet, And Untruthful As Well

Illegal use of city resources(money and employees) …

The wheels of justice (and media focus) occasionally grind slowly. And sometimes not at all. Though in the case of Megalomaniacal Mini-Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s use of NYC taxpayers’ funds to run his Mayors Against All Illegal Guns civilian disarmament organization, better late than never, right? Will we claim credit forbeing on this more than a month ago? Perish the thought. We wouldn’t be that self-aggrandizing. No, we’re just happy that the story’s finally coming to (MSM) light. Of course, you have to wonder why someone who’s worth $25 billion needs to sponge off city resources to run his own personal anti-rights vanity project. Whatevs. In the mean time, the CCRKBA is calling for a full-on investigation of every every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in the tri-state area . . .

Read more at Truth about Guns … Media, Others Notice MAIG’s Use of City Funds. Finally


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