Ouch! Top Democrat Blasts Obama’s Global Warming Speech – “Irresponsible” and “Flat Earth”

Too many scandals, so little time, what we need is a distraction. The War drums with Syria drew nothing but laughter and scorn with Russia, so what you gonna do ….

Carbon pollution more liberal crap, spewed from the mouth of supposedly smart people. People who know so much, that most of what they know isn’t true. It’s for the dummy and ignorant Obama voters out their, because those who know real science, can’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole global warming hoax.

The Global Warming Hoax is such a bore these days, you couldn’t even fool a fifth grader any more, with the global warming hoaxing for taxes.

But The Obama keeps trying, he is president after all, and stupid unreasoning people did vote for him. So what are you going to do. Anyone who graduated fifth grade knows about the cycle of life and the role CO2 plays in it. The biological component of the carbon cycle is driven by respiration and photosynthesis by living organisms.

Here is a refresher course for those who never got out of their choom wagon long enough to go to class. It’s called the carbon cycle, and it is a necessary ingredient for all life on earth.

So when the CO2 got maybe 20x the current level, plants grew large and plentiful and dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Top Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) So irresponsible, they believe the world is still flat … blasted Obama today for his irresponsible speech on global warming climate change – something that doesn’t rank in the top twenty concerns of the American people.

The floor is littered with the Obama failed green companies, their is no market for expensive dumb things.

Obama is determined to be remembered as America’s worst jobs president ever.

And, the energy plan he announced today will kill off thousands of more American jobs.

Via Special Report:

Tea Party News Network has the transcript:

It is just so irresponsible. We’re looking for an all-in energy policy that basically secures our nation, makes us less dependent on foreign oil or foreign energy, and we can do that, but we have to use everything we have, in balance with the environment and economy. That’s all we ever said. If you look at this in the big picture, eight billion tons of coal is being burned in the world. And if we talk about the environment and climate, and if you know a little about geography, the globe is round and climate is all around, if they believe that we stop burning coal in America completely, that’s one billion tons a year, one-eighth the consumption of the world, that we’re going to clean up the environment. They believe the world is still flat.

The Obama War on Coal.


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