If You Think Arizona Lost The Election Law Case, Scalia Pulls a Fast one

You should read this article for in PJ Media. If you don’t know who J. Christian Adams is, you should. Adams’ article; it’s succinct, elegant, and everyone who cares about election integrity should read it.

Adams posted his article on the very day (June 17) that the Supreme Court delivered its ruling on the case concerning Arizona’s proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registrants:

After re-reading the case and reflecting a bit more, it’s clear that the decision was a disaster for the Left and their victory cackles are hollow — and they know it.

Worse, conservative dooms-dayers who have never litigated a single National Voter Registration Act case have taken to the airwaves, describing the case as a disaster which invites illegal-alien voting. [Link added.]

In the last year, I’ve litigated five NVRA cases and worked on the preemption issues for years, and there is more to cheer in today’s opinion than there is to bemoan. Those complaining about the opinion don’t understand what the Left’s goal was in this case: total federal preemption. On that score, Justice Scalia foiled them…

Another terrific article that also came out on the day of the Court’s decision was Hans A. von Spakovsky’s “Voting by Noncitizens in Arizona” at National Review. Spakovsky’s is a fine companion piece to Adams’.

WE WIN!!! The left’s goal was total federal preemption of State Law, in that case, they lost, federal election law is mostly irrelevant. Start your adventure with actually reading Justice Scalia’s “Opinion of the Court” ruling. You see you need understand how legal stuff is written. The left was outfoxed, and so were we.


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