The IRS Con

The “Progressive” IRS.

From the start, it’s been pretty clear that Tea Party, pro-life and pro-Israel groups were targeted for special treatment. Yet even as one IRS official invoked her Fifth Amendment rights to avoid self-incrimination, the public has been asked to believe the most ridiculous explanations: that it was a rogue operation of a few underlings; that it was all done out of Cincinnati; that even though the groups most affected were all conservative, no politics was involved; and that what took the head of the IRS to the White House was just an Easter Egg roll or two.

We’re glad to hear from Inspector General George. But the American people deserve to learn who at the IRS signed off on this targeting and hear them explain why — under oath.

Indeed. Now 292 Tea Party groups were targeted, at last count.

Let’s get some real answers here, NOW!


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