Obamacare Delayed Because Of 2014 Midterm Elections

And why would that have to be, apparently the political calculation is it must be delayed for the mid term election. Because if the youths knew what horror was in store they may not vote for Democrats in the 2014 mid term elections. So they have to hide Obamacare until after the election. Does than sound like it’s going to be so great. If so then why not get it out sooner so it can help with the 2014 election … hmmm.

Just think, that’s all it takes.

People are starting to wise up to the massive pitfalls in Obamacare and have begun to voice their displeasure. Obama and the Democrats can tell which way the wind is blowing, which is why they pushed back this key component past the 2014 midterm election. They also announced this decision right before the Fourth of July holiday when Congress is in recess. It is the Obama administration’s fervent hope that this blatantly political move will be ignored over the holiday and that their media lapdogs will not report on it at all. It is up to us to keep the drumbeat going and kick all the anti-Constitution bums out of Congress come next November.

But it’s only the business mandate, over 50 worker size companies, that is being pushed back … The individual mandate is still in place.


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    Just one more reason Obamacare is a horrendous law.

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