Obama on Keystone XL pipeline, ‘the fix is in’

Americans overwhelmingly support building the pipeline : Well, the State Department has already found that Keystone XL will have no impact on the climate because Canada will still develop its oil sands.

Canada is going to process the oil sands, pipeline or not. If it has to, Canada will turn to China for oil processing which will likely increase the CO2, as if that is a real problem, and not an Obama ginned up hoax to try and get you to pay more taxes to Big Government …. The globe is going to melt!!!

So what about all those new African coal fired power plants you sir, just granted? What will those coal fired power plants, do to the globe, huh??? Global Warming WAK, WAK WeeHoo … chicken little Obama squawks…

We fiddle around with windmills, which obviously don’t work when the wind don’t blow and you blow billions on African coal power plants. WHY?


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