IRS Won’t Say Why Agents Are Training With AR-15s

AR 15’s for government agents, none for thee. If our liberal disarming folks get their way Since when was the time when citizens were disallowed use of the civilian version of the USA battle rifle. I cannot find a time. Was it not the original constitutional  intent that civilians came armed with civilian versions of  military use weapons? So in the event of invasion spare parts would interchange. If it were not for the civilian pursuit of modernizing the AR 15 haw many things like sights, would not be readily available to our troops. As well as other improvements.

Earlier this week Congressman Jeff Duncan disclosed that he witnessed IRS agents training with powerful, semi-automatic rifles when he toured a Maryland Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on May 23.

Local WHNS asked the IRS about their high-powered weapons this week.
The IRS said they do not disclose their training operations. Rep. Duncan says high-powered weapons training should not be in their budget.

WHNS FOX Carolina reported:


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