Zimmerman Show Trial Judge — She’s Life-Long Lib

Well it’s all up to the jury now … It really should be an acquittal … Florida Law is very clear … At no point was this case proved, I cannot know what Zimmerman thought what was happening to him at the time, but all the facts support Zimmerman’s case. And that is what self defense is all about. Reasonable doubt, was he justified in using deadly force? Every CCW holder needs to review this case and weigh that against self defense law in your state. A really good book about Florida Law is Florida Firearms Law, Use And Onwership. Florida requires updating the license every five years and reading this book gives good advice as what your legal options are.

Any self defense expert will tell you, that the MMA style attack, “ground and pound”, can easily be deadly in a matter of seconds … Do your own research ….

The show trial judge of the George Zimmerman case is a life-long liberal.

The Smoking Gun reported:

Years before they would endure a televised pummeling in the Florida courtroom of Judge Debra Nelson, the two lawyers representing accused murderer George Zimmerman actually donated money to the prickly jurist’s first election campaign, records show.

In 1999, Republican Governor Jeb Bush appointed Nelson, a lifelong Democrat, to fill a vacancy in the 18th Judicial Circuit (covering Seminole and Brevard counties). When Nelson ran the following year for a full six-year term, she donated 85 percent of her campaign’s $151,000 war chest.

The balance of Nelson’s contributions came that year from scores of Florida attorneys and law firms. Division of Elections records show that the judicial candidate’s financial supporters included Zimmerman lawyers Mark O’Mara and Don West, both of whom have felt the 59-year-old Nelson’s wrath over the past several weeks.

Her trial summary of what was at stake is very clear, in the end.


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