White House holds Obamacare background briefing with Reporters Friendly To Obama … liberal reporters

Synchronize watches and figure out how to spin the lies … : OBAMA HOLDS SECRET MEET WITH LIB JOURNOS

The White House held a background briefing Friday to discuss Obamacare implementation with a handful of journalists from liberal and progressive outlets.

Slate blogger Matthew Yglesias posted a photograph to Instagram Friday featuring himself and other liberal journalists at the White House, with the caption “#thistown.”

Yglesias’ photograph features American Prospect staff writer Jamelle Bouie and MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin attending the briefing.

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One thing to remember Hugo Chavez used to do this, then he found out he could not control the Journalist. The NSA couldn’t even find Snowden. So the journalists had their very own “die off” … And soon no one was left alive who knew the truth and could tell.. That’s how tyranny works.


And so now it begins … PAYBACK? Rupert Murdoch could face charges in USA… First you go after the protagonists.


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