L.A. Cops Signal Crackdown, Before Things Get Out Of Hand

Like they did during the Rodney King riots, where the police just backed off and let it burn … Their passivity exacerbated the problem, and it eventually got out of control. Remember the scenes of the Korean shop keepers taking to their rooftops with shotguns, no more businesses on that street burned down.

That’s what riot shotguns are for, stopping riots.

L.A. officials urge calm, vow to crack down on protesters:

Los Angeles officials late Monday night commended police in their response to violence following a protest of the George Zimmerman verdict and vowed to crack down on similar actions beginning Tuesday.

About 350 Los Angeles Police Department officers swarmed the Crenshaw district after groups of youths broke away from a peaceful protest in Leimert Park and stomped on cars, broke windows, set fires and attacked several people. Among those attacked were a television reporter and his cameraman, according to law enforcement authorities.


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