Colorado Sheriffs, Aren’t Going Quietly

DAVE KOPEL: Successes In Colorado Sheriffs’ Second Amendment Case.

ROGER KIMBALL: Weaponizing The Acronyms That Rule Us.

Read the concept of “semantic infiltration. It’s a tactic of the left that is worth trying to understand. Being used right now, as it has for decades, by the left. And then you will understand how a common bomb, becomes a weapon of mass destruction, when originally that term was to describe a nuclear bomb, then it added chemical weapons along the way, and now the latest, any common bomb. And the Boston Marathon bombing becomes, “they used a weapon of mass destruction”. See how it works. And the feds actually wrote that in the legal charging documents for the remaining bomber.

And how “stand your ground laws”, or run away laws, which had actually nothing what so ever to do with the Zimmerman trail are now the ’cause celeb’ of the left. Anything to take away your right to act in your own defense. Which has reduced crime more than any other law ever passed … THE LEFT CAN’T HAVE THAT! The public needs BIG NANNY government.


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