It Doesn’t Mean What It Sounds Like Anymore

From the functionally illiterate to my ears … With a 3.0 GPA … Which apparently doesn’t mean what it used to, either.

Rush Limbaugh: Thanks To Rachel Jeantel I Can Say ‘Nigga’. Which differs from N**gger. If you use the ‘gga’ word it just means just a male, of any color or race … no racial connotation at all. So ‘white guilt’ can be set free.

It’s the officially approved pronunciation for a male … any male.

Transcript from the Rush Limbaugh website:

CNN informs us via Rachel Jeantel that Trayvon called Rachel and said that he was being followed by a “creepy ass cracka,” which we have now learned is “a person who act like they’re a police, who like, uhhh, security guard…” So then, Piers Morgan, the ever penetrating inquisitor, said, “So was there anything you wished you’d said when you were in there?” meaning as a witness on the stand.



JEANTEL: People… The whole world say it’s a racist word. My… My you… Around 2000, that was not… They change it around, I think. It start spelling it n-i-g-g-a. Nigga!

MORGAN: What does that mean to you, that way of spelling it? What does that word mean to you?

JEANTEL: That mean a male.

MORGAN: A black male?

JEANTEL: No! Any kind of male.

MORGAN: Black or white?

JEANTEL: Any kind. Chinese could say, “Nigga!” “That’s my chino nigga.” They can say that.

RUSH: This was between nine and ten p.m. last night on CNN, who are in a quest to become the, again, most respected news organization in the country, perhaps even the world. So “nigga” with an A on the end… (interruption) Well, I think I can now. Isn’t that the point? ‘Cause it’s not racist. That’s the point. I could be talking about “a male.” I could be talking about a Chinese male, a guy at the Laundromat. You could be talking about a man.

That’s what she said it means. (interruption) Hey, new school! New school. (interruption) She IS the authority! This is the point, Snerdley: She is the authority. She was on CNN last night. She was presented as the authority, and the CNN commentators all day today have been wondering why this brilliant woman didn’t show up and say these things on the stand.



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