Warmism Takes A Hit …

Ouch! ‘Senate global warming hearing backfires on Democrats’ — Boxer’s Own Experts Contradict Obama! — ‘Skeptics & Roger Pielke Jr. totally dismantled warmism (scientifically, economically, rhetorically) : Climate Depot Round Up

‘Sen. Boxer’s Own Experts Contradict Obama on Climate Change’ — Warmists Witnesses Asked: ‘Can any witnesses say they agree with Obama’s statement that warming has accelerated during the past 10 years?’ For several seconds, nobody said a word. Sitting just a few rows behind the expert witnesses, I thought I might have heard a few crickets chirping’

More here … Truth — Liberals and progressives worse enemy.

How can a half-loaf person become a Senator? Just have a bunch of illiterate dummies vote for her …


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