No Good Can Come From This …

Tyranny creeps in from all sides when evil is running your country — WSJ: Militarization of American policing… You saw the police riding around in what you could describe as light tanks on the streets of Boston during the highly tense search, for the Boston Marathon bombers … And all the police, with their assault rifles parading everywhere …


Conducting no warrantless, house to house searches … It’s an emergency … Never let a crisis pass, it’s when you can do things you would never ever be able to legally do, it’s and EMERGENCY.

Out of the way, sheeple …



Isn’t this how the NAZIs did it?

Time for a deep reflection, on where we as a country are headed.

And how it all turns out is shown by the headline below … Lawless government!!!

Florida Nurse Terrorized by US Marshals in Warrantless Raid…

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