Obama calling scandals ‘phony’ creates political firestorm (Video)

There is nothing phony about Obama’s Nixon-ian use of the IRS to try and stop Tea Party expansion … And now it is expanding with more vigor than ever before … 2014 here we come! : Obama calling scandals ‘phony’ creates political firestorm …

President Obama may believe Benghazi is a phony scandal and his water-carriers in the news media may agree with him, but Americans are slowly discovering that it’s becoming more and more likely that in the midst of a terrorist attack on a U.S. consulate, Obama simply went to bed, as alleged by former Justice Department Chief of Staff, now a top radio talk show host, Mark Levin.

“Our Ambassador, Americans, our consulate – under attack, fighting for their lives! And the President of the United States apparently went to sleep. Or maybe to a concert. Or maybe planning his next golf game. I don’t know. But he was AWOL,” said Levin on his radio show.

The petition delivered to the steps of the U.S. Congress states:

“A longstanding American ethos was breached during the terrorist attack in Benghazi. America failed to provide adequate security to personnel deployed into harm’s way and then failed to respond when they were viciously attacked. Clearly, this is unacceptable and requires accountability. America has always held to the notion that no American will be left behind and that every effort will be made to respond when US personnel are threatened.

“Given our backgrounds, we are concerned that this sends a very negative message to future military and diplomatic personnel who may be deployed into dangerous environments. That message is that they will be left to their own devices when attacked. That is an unacceptable message.”


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