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August 31, 2013

Kerry: Against Unilateral War Before He Was For It…

John Kerry in 2004 during a debate in St. Louis with George W. Bush:

“We’re going to build alliances.  We’re not going to go unilaterally.

Was Iraq unilateral?  Nope.  Ove 40 countries were there.

Backed by a U.N. Resolution. And a congressional vote as well.

Enough for Kerry?  Not then.  He mocked how many Missourians were in Iraq:

“If Missouri, just given the number of people from Missouri who are in the military over there today, were a country, it would be the third largest country in the coalition, behind Great Britain and the United States.  That’s not a grand coalition.”

Now, it’s different.  He doesn’t need a grand coalition in Syria.  He doesn’t need Great Britain.  He doesn’t even need the U.N.

So the Russians says no, but O says yes, except he hasn’t said anything.

Can a Secretary of State go to war?

Kerry said yesterday,

“Because of the guaranteed Russian obstructionism of any action through the U.N. Security Council, the U.N. cannot galvanize the world to act as it should . . . President Obama will ensure that the United States of America makes our own decisions on our own timelines, based on our values and our interests.”

What’s changed?  Kerry’s in charge now.  So now it’s okay to be unilateral.

Democrats, the presto changeO party. No principles all talk talk talk …

Egypt, Hoped We Would Forget, DID YOU???

August 31, 2013

Egypt’s draft constitution limits role of Islam … Which is BTW what the people wanted as under the Muslim Brotherhood, it was all Islam all the time, And The people did not like that…

Egypt’s new constitution – born amidst bloodshed and aimed at curtailing the influence of Islamism – is starting to take shape, setting the stage for yet another confrontation within the country’s increasingly fragmented society.

Officially, the new draft constitution mandated by the military-led interim government has yet to be released. In recent days, however, several academics and researchers have taken a look at the document before it becomes public. What they found is a constitution stripped of almost all the Islamist clauses inserted during the one-year reign of ousted president Mohammed Morsi.

Quick History Lesson

August 31, 2013

Lincoln was the first elected modern day Republican. Before that it was the WHIGS (who played the part of Democrat Lite).

LA Times:

“Since Democrats led the passage of civil rights legislation that marchers pushed for in 1963, Republicans have struggled to recover with black voters”.

And yes it was the Democrat’s KKK terror group, and yes segregation and all the Jim Corw laws, Democrat’s again.

Truth, it will not remain hidden.


Son, You’re On Your Own

August 31, 2013

Darn …


Well one way to look at it, 9% of the American people support this stupid move. Proving you can get some people who will do anything…

Climate Science Gone Nutty

August 31, 2013

When science fails you, and your hoax comes back “no sale”, call people names, it’s the liberal way …

Since failures in climate science claims are on the rise, can we start naming climate prediction failures after scientists and activists? I can think of  a few:

The Hansen Hiatus, for example.

Andrew Revkin at NYT’s DOT Earth

Climate campaigners seem to think they have a winner with this takedown of elected officials who reject global warming science, in which fake news reports talk of the turmoil and tragedy created by Hurricane Marco Rubio, Hurricane James Inhofe, Hurricane John Boehner and more.

The trouble is, the science on a connection between hurricanes and global warming is going in the opposite direction, if the near-final draft of next month’s climate science assessment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is any indication.

And wait until we get the whopper of all lies, and liars, the UN IPCC. They are cooking up the final brew right now, awaiting Obama to do something.


When You’ve Blown All Your Credibility Out Your Choom Wagon

August 31, 2013

You have become …


Retaliation Possible as U.S. Considers Strike Against Syria

Military experts advise that once the shooting starts, anything can happen in the fog of war.

UN’s Syria Charade …

August 31, 2013

And the UN is the world’s loser in the process. ::: So Much For The UN Charade In Syria.

… Repeated emergency meetings and draft resolutions have all arrived at a big nothing.

Why is that helpful? Because it removes the fig leaf assumption that the UN is on the job, ergo something is being done.  Too often, when terrible events start to build, the UN becomes the go-to place for relays of special envoys, Security Council resolutions, and grand pronouncements by senior international civil servants. Money is spent, statements are issued, diplomatic huddles take place, crash meetings are called, and in a cloud of bureaucratic palaver, the can gets kicked down the road. Erstwhile leaders of the free world can delay any real decisions, because they have deflected the problem to the UN. Meanwhile, on the ground, the troubles keep boiling over.

And in the end … PUNT!

Apparently the world does not respond to executive orders.

What A Community Organizer Can Do : Quite An Accomplishmnet

August 31, 2013

It’s really tough to make a bad situation worse.

James Picht declares that Barack Obama is the worst foreign policy president ever.  Rumor has it Jimmy Carter is all smiles.

Picht says our Middle Eastern policy is incoherent. Obama on Syria: The worst foreign policy president – ever

Obama’s botched efforts in the Middle East serve to remind us that there’s no situation so bad that dedicated ineptitude can’t make it worse. His administration team has done just that. American foreign policy goals in the region are now completely unclear.

Obama’s dithering in Egypt has antagonized everyone there, has been interpreted as support of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, and has pushed Egypt directly into Russia’s embrace. No one knows whether our goal in Egypt is stability or democracy. We appear to back Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, which is backed also by Hamas, which in turn is supported by Iran, but our support appears completely irrelevant. Egypt’s new leaders have concluded they can safely ignore us(Obama).

The fiasco in Syria is worse. Is our goal there regime change? Is the goal still regime change even if that puts jihadists in charge? The Syrian rebels are supported by al-Qaeda and Hamas, and opposed by Iran, which with Russia supports Assad. Where exactly in all this do our interests lie? Are we really on the side of al-Qaeda?

Do we intend to back the monarchy in Bahrain, no matter how repressive it grows, in order to keep the base that houses our Fifth Fleet? Bahrain will eventually explode, but American support of the monarchy gives it free reign to repress the freedom movement and clamp down the pressure-cooker lid even more tightly.

The Obama Administration has dissembled its way across the Middle East, leaving enemies and allies alike uncertain of our intentions. Russia, China and Iran have been much more transparent. Saudi Arabia immediately gave Egypt’s General Sisi $12 billion in aid after the army deposed Morsi, the first democratically elected leader in Egypt’s 5,000-year history. Obama in contrast withdrew from joint military exercises but seemed uncertain whether to cut other aid.

Russia has clearly backed Syria’s Assad, while Obama has dithered over a military response to nerve gas attacks against civilians. If there is a response, it now seems designed to punish Assad without actually hurting him.

After months of tacitly supporting the rebels, the administration seems desperate to avoid hitting important military targets when it punishes Assad. And to the horror of American military leadership, the administration has planned its attack in public, all but sending Assad a map of likely targets.

As a result, Obama has come to be more disliked in the Middle East than the evil Bush:

The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project finds that support for the United States is lower now in Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan than it was in 2008. Approval for Obama’s policies was only 15 percent in Muslim countries last spring; what that rate would be now in Egypt and Syria is anyone’s guess, but a safe guess would be “lower.”

Truly amazing.  It is hard to imagine the level of incompetence that is required for our foreign policy to be in such disarray.  But there it is.

I, Me, Mine

August 31, 2013

Striking an unfortunate tone …::: Whose army? President Obama riles with reference to ‘my military’

We do not have people who own our military, as the people point out here … First off we have an all voluntary Army … Which no one owns, but the CINC Leads. Get that the CINC leads.

Just another “off-the-cuff” remark?

obamawarrior (1)

Community Organizer in Chief.

PBS: Jumping The Shark On Global Warming

August 31, 2013

American Thinker had a piece yesterday, on how a recent preposterous global warming report on the PBS NewsHour hints they’re overplaying their biased coverage of the issue. The addition of it to the tally of NewsHour discussion segments absent of skeptic climate assessments suggests a media malfeasance problem too big to ignore.

Excerpts from the article:

My tally of the NewsHour mentioning global warming and other ‘climate change’ variations continues to grow. I’m probably short in the count, as the NewsHour has expanded its online-only material significantly in the last year or two, and I’ve probably missed some of their blog content. Of that 350+ count, it can only safely be said that one more skeptic can be included in the overall total, meteorologist Anthony Watts in his September 17, 2012 appearance alongside ‘former skeptic’ Richard Muller, which drew howls of “PBS Channels Fox News

At what point will the public see such biased reporting as nothing more than a desperate partisan attempt to keep the issue alive? Did we witness it just recently at the NewsHour? Or will they cross that line by reporting how ‘the smell of the ocean is endangered by climate change’?

Anybody with a working high school physics and chemistry understanding knows it’s a hoax. You remember kiddies how they told you, you can never make a room dark with successive coats of white paint on the window? You do, then you will also understand how successive coats of the heat trapping ability of CO2 works. It’s logarithmic to start with, you do know what that means?

We have long since passed the point of diminishing returns for the ability of CO2 in our atmosphere to affect the earth’s temperature. Hyperventilating and lying scientists not included.

Head on over the shark now….



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