XP Keeps on Ticking, Good Enough Is Good Enough…

As pricing outstrips buyers willingness to pay. Who needs new when you can always use old XP … Win XP alive and kicking despite 2014 kill switch (Don’t ask about Win 8) XP On track to be world’s second most used desktop OS when security patches cease.

That’s a fine fix we find ourselves in, who needs new, when old works just fine. And there is always free as the MS tax falls by the wayside. There is always Linux. Most smartphones now run versions of Linux. What did you think Android is? And Apple’s IOS. Smartphones now are the choice to replace desktops for general web usage.

Now good enough, is good enough, for most users, who needs a desktop? Chip technology is now good enough. Do you hear any of your friends clamoring for a new Intel Haswell computer? Do they even know what that is, or care?


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