For A War That’s Supposed To Be Over It Sure Does Look Active

Drones, drones, drones, everywhere : AMERICA BOMBS YEMEN Terrorist not happy … drone missiles keep falling on their heads. Who wouldn’t be angry, would you?

Yemen Armu protests drone strikes

Yemen Army protests drone strikes

Hah Ha … bet that’s funny. Any idea why journalists have switched off? : Obama’s 1st question on terrorist threat to come from comedian! Our President attends a late night TV comedy show, instead of talking to the American people from the Oval Office. Or at least holding a press conference about the most serious terror threat since 9/11. And here you thought terror was all over, Obama killed Osama, that should have done it right? I never watch Leno…

I guess we got to make it look good, so let’s drop some ordinance on somebody. Can’t have everyone in the world laughing at us, now can we.

Why close embassies in 19 countries … something that only WWII had caused. Now our embassies are like fortresses.

And how does Benghazi terror attack cause us to spy on our neighbor? They use tin cans and string over in the middle east.

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