As Head Of NSA Review Group Obama Appoints Same Person Who “Apologized” For Lying To Congress

The question arises how do you know our Administration has turned into a banana republic, the whole world laughs at  us now.

A question arises: how does one know they are living in an unmitigated disaster of a banana republic where not even an attempt at hiding the crime and corruption takes place? Well, we are not absolutely certain, but we have a distinct feeling that when the president appoints as his impartial “reviewer” of the ultra top secret NSA’s policies and capabilities the one man who was caught and exposed and subsequently apologized for lying to Congress, that may be a pretty damn good sign. Sadly, that is precisely what just happened.

Sorry I lied before. We are supposed to believe he is just telling the truth, this time.

What a laugh…. The NSA has become.

How about “we will gladly pay you Tuesday for the hamburger we eat today” …. yeah it’s and old joke, sort of what the Obama is becoming.

Looking into the NSA scandal …

obama-golfAssume the position.


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