Byron York, As The Rodeo Clown Turns

Byron York has this great piece : In (partial) defense of the Missouri rodeo clown

Do you remember the Bush Mocker-umentary… film “W” … Jeb called the film hooey.

At the heart of “W.,” opening nationally in theaters Friday, is a psychological portrait of George W. Bush as living perpetually in the shadow of his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and driven to invade Iraq at least in part by a desire to prove he is as tough as the elder statesman.

“The Oedipal rivalry is high-grade, unadulterated hooey,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told The Washington Times.

Throw it right back in their faces, for what the leftists statists are trying to do to the rodeo clown. We are all rodeo clowns. Wear a hoodie.

And then vote with your money … Don’t watch their stupid movies or shows.


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