Propaganda : O’s Government Herding People To Do What It Wants, With Taxpayer Funds

Because you know it stinks, we have to educate you.

Wasn’t this once illegal, to herd people sheeple around with taxpayer moneys. Oh well looks like those days are gone!

The Hill: Health group’s ObamaCare enrollment drive targets states with GOP governors.

“The window to begin enrolling in the law’s new coverage options opens in just 50 days. Enroll America, a prominent nonprofit with close ties to the White House, said it’s focusing on 10 states as it ramps up a massive education campaign that will ultimately cost tens of millions of dollars.”

It’s an education campaign …. remember how Big Government taught the little school children that hiding under your school house desk was the best way to protect you from an atom bomb? This is the next big government bomb you want to hide from.


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