Shouldn’t It Be “Stirs Outrage?”

New NSA Revelations Stir Congressional Concern

New revelations from leaker Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency has overstepped its authority thousands of times since 2008 are stirring renewed calls on Capitol Hill for serious changes to NSA spy programs, undermining White House hopes that President Barack Obama had quieted the controversy with his assurances of oversight. An internal audit provided by Snowden to The Washington Post shows the agency has repeatedly broken privacy rules or exceeded its legal authority every year since Congress granted it broad new powers in 2008.

Note that 2008 was a Democrat House And Senate takeover in Congress.

Loss of privacy is how you quell free speech. Who is going to talk freely if you know the O surveillance state is monitoring what you say?

Privacy is connected to personhood. It has to do with intimate things—the innards of your head and heart, the workings of your mind—and the boundary between those things and the world outside.


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