We Need More Navigators

The Perils of Pauline don’t come anywhere near explaining what you must do?

NOTE — Everything with O is unexpectedly — On Thursday, the Obama Administration unexpectedly handed out $13 million more than the $54 million in grants it originally budgeted for Obamacare “navigators,” including $655,000 to abortion provider Planned Parenthood : OBAMACARE ‘NAVIGATORS’ RECEIVE $13 MILLION MORE THAN ORIGINALLY BUDGETED

Funny our old health care system didn’t need big government navigators … Back then you knew when you needed a doctor, and knew what to do … And who to go see, it was simple.

Times change when you are run around, inside the big government labyrinth. Like mice in a cage.

Navigators hit about privacy … Attorneys general raise privacy concerns over ObamaCare navigators


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