WH Tried to Interfere with WaPo’s NSA Story

The WH was basically trying to edit the WashPost story before it got into print.

Brietbart reports:

The Washington Post’s article detailing the fourth amendment abuses by the NSA got some push back from the administration who attempted to “edit” the article before publication.   The internal audit referenced in the article was obtained by the WaPo from Edward Snowden.  The details of the audit indicated repeated and growing privacy violations by the NSA, violations which included obtaining thousands of American citizen’s communications records and using methods of information collection that were later deemed unconstitutional by a court.

Note that 2008 was a Democrat House And Senate takeover in Congress.

Privacy is important it’s what gives you freedom. To say what you want, without big government looking over you shoulder. Free speech is what makes up your personhood. It is what makes you a free citizen and not subject to the king’s oversight.


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