Well This is Special, If True


President Obama’s half-brother in Kenya could cause the White House more headaches over new evidence linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and establishing that controversial IRS supervisor Lois Lerner signed his tax-exempt approval letter.

Malik Obama’s oversight of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments is one reason for the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an Egyptian report citing the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Tehani al-Gebali

In a news report on Egyptian television of a Gebali speech, translated by researcher Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative, Gebali said she would like “to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Now isn’t that special …

And still the Republicans are aiding and abetting the Obama. As did the WHIGs aid and abet the Democrats back in the pre-Civil War era went along to get along with the Democrats about slavery. There is no push back, because of race and the lamestream media… People who needs votes feel there is nothing to loose in Democrat lite …

No push-back for five years, so the American people are loosing faith in America.


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