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Justify NSA Spying … JAMES TARANTO : Is Anything Private? Liberal assumptions about “income inequality” have some surprising implications.

In a post on the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, Mike Konczal of the Roosevelt Institute makes a rather sweeping claim about his ideological adversaries: “Conservatives don’t really get that some things are ‘public,’ and it’s hurting their ability to handle the challenges of the early 21st century.”

What does he mean by that? He acknowledges the term is ambiguous, then settles on a definition from a leading early-20th-century progressive intellectual:

One can spend an entire lifetime debating the distinction between “public” and “private,” but for this post let’s use an approach from John Dewey. In “The Public and Its Problems” (1927), Dewey argued that the public is involved wherever an action between two people has consequences “that extend beyond the two directly concerned.” Given “that they affect the welfare of many others, the act acquires a public capacity.” And as such needs a public response. And conservatives reject this.

This paragraph is either artfully or sloppily ambiguous. What exactly is “this” that “conservatives reject”? Dewey’s expansive definition of “public capacity”? Or the conclusion that any act with a “public capacity” requires “a public response”–which Konczal takes to mean a governmental one?


TheBlaze’s S.E. Cupp and former Obama administration czar Van Jones, who are now both co-hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire,” got into a tense debate over gun control and the effectiveness of so-called “gun free zones” on school campuses Wednesday.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper hosted the debate on “The Lead” in the aftermath of the potential school shooting in Georgia, asking whether teachers and administrators should have access to firearms. Predictably, Jones and Cupp didn’t agree on the issue.

“When I go to a college campus, I can’t bring my gun. And we wonder why we have so many rapes and sexual assaults, because we are disarming people that would orderly be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves,” Cupp said, adding that “gun-free zones” put people in danger.

Jones called the idea of arming teachers “exotic” and said tightening up background checks is the logical step in the effort to reduce gun violence.

Note that Obama wants tightened up background checks, which he doesn’t hope you know is his plan for gun registration … Which is why it failed in the Senate so badly.

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