Hopey Changey Stuff Digs Deep

Maybe that’s why we need our latest bus tour …

Recession’s pain reaching deep into the economic recovery.

“The buying power of Americans continues to be weaker than it was when the recession ended four years ago, underscoring the lasting damage wrought by the downturn, according to a report released Wednesday. Inflation-adjusted median household income has declined 4.4 percent, to $52,098, since June 2009, the official end of the recession, said the report by Sentier Research, an Annapolis data-analysis firm headed by two former Census Bureau officials.”

You’re being downsized … Maybe we haven’t really “recovered” at all.  INDEED!

Why waste money on useless speeches when we need real jobs and a growing economy.

Reagan knew how to make that happen. Examine the history of the 1980’s before the Democrats erase is and rewrite it…


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