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OBAMA’S HIGHER-ED REFORM PROPOSAL ISN’T GETTING VERY GOOD REVIEWS: “It is not every day that Harvard University and staunch conservatives can agree the president is wrong. President Obama’s decision to interject the federal government into university education, however, has done the trick.”

Obama has correctly identified the problem of higher costs, but his solution — more government government money with more government strings — isn’t the answer. May I suggest a bit of recommended reading?

Ya see kiddies Big Government is there to take over everything. Just like what FDR tried to lure Americans into thinking what was good for them. According to Liberals. Especially the young skulls full of mush Millennial Generation. Get them while they are young, too young to know what is good for them. What do you think their pre-school education is all about?

Propaganda injection … Indoctrinate, indoctrinate, indoctrinate …

I worked my way through college, no money, took the semester off. I graduated PAID in full from engineering school.

A little hint the Big Government mouse trap is not what you want… there is always free cheese in the Big Government mousetrap …. And there is always an Obama around to offer it to the unwary …


Just a few glitches… It will all work out in the end … Hah, you fell for the Big Government cheese, silly you.


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